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Truffle hunting is one of the most fascinating aspects of the mushroom world. Discover here Gourmets and gourmets can buy fresh white Alba truffles online from October to December.Our exclusive organic truffle line for gourmets, available all year round. The fresh white Alba truffle is available online from November to December, directly from Italy.
The secret of a traditional panettone lies in its elaborate and loving preparation. From the dough, to baking and drying, to the finished product in the store takes a good 48 hours.

Discover the pickled peperoncini from our chili manufactory in Naples. From the harvest to the jar, this purely organic business carries out every step itself. The peperoncini pickled in olive oil add a fiery, fruity note to any dish.

Capers are a highly aromatic ingredient from the Mediterranean region that delights gourmets with a distinctive salty-sour character. In Italy, capers as well as caper apples are a delicacy and are used in many traditional recipes. Did you know that you can also eat caper leaves?

Let us take you on a culinary journey to discover the origins of Italy's delicious artichoke hearts. More specifically, we turn our attention to the Salerno region near Paestum in sunny southern Italy, known for its exquisite artichokes.
A good nut cream should first and foremost have a very high nut content and the focus must be on the main flavour carrier, the nuts. The origin of the nuts plays an important role here.

Our vegan and organic certified jams and marmalades are produced using just two ingredients – fresh fruit and dextrose.

The high-qualityorganic honey from Di Bennardo is produced by two small fine beekeepers in Sicily and Piedmont – more precisely in the province of Enna and the Langhe.
As a gourmet of Italian cuisine, you are certainly familiar with the balsamic vinegar from Modena – or the Aceto Balsamico di Modena, as it is called in Italy.
Anyone who has ever eaten freshly baked Italian focaccia bread straight out of the oven will know how wonderful this Italian flatbread is.
Taralli, a very popular snack, savoury or sweet, typical of southern Italy. They are the expression of a centuries-old tradition of Italian baked goods.

There is a place in southern Italy that is known for producing the best pasta in the world: Gragnano. This place near Naples celebrates pasta like no other.

Smells like freshly cut grass; strong like a bush of unripe tomatoes. This is followed by a hearty Arrivederci reminiscent of sweet almonds and pines.

The high-quality basil pesto is produced in a factory on the Ligurian coast. It is neither pasteurised nor sterilised and is therefore ‘raw’.

We use 800 g of fresh lemons to make one litre of lemon olive oil.

Even as a child, Giovanni Di Bennardo longed to travel. As the son of an immigrant, he looked for his roots in Sicily early on.