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How it all began

September 01, 2017

Italienische Geschichte wie alles begann von Di Bennaro

Giovanni Di Bennardo had a longing for abroad even as a child. As the son of an immigrant, he sought his roots in Sicily at an early age. He was fascinated by the cuisine and the unique talent of the islanders to enjoy and share good things with one another. ‘How can I pack up Italy and bring it to Switzerland?’ he asked himself. It’s the birth of an idea. 
Italienisches Negozio im Umbau von Di Bennardo
It all started with a few imported oil bottles.
Founded as a start-up in Zurich in 2002, a basement room in District 4 was transformed into a warehouse and a large creative office. The DI BENNARDO brand was born, and within a few years the small company developed into a national food retail company.
Italienisches Mood Bild Italien von Di Bennardo
Giovanni Di Bennardo is still exploring the culinary roots of his ancestors. He brings home stories from his travels in the form of the finest food. For all gourmets who are enchanted by Italian cuisine and just like Di Bennardo:
‘voglio il meglio’ – simply wanting the best.