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Italian nut cream without palm oil: The better alternative from Di Bennardo

June 23, 2022

Italienische Haselnüsse Tonda Gentile Piemont von Di Bennardo

Why is the use of palm oil being criticised? And why is palm oil even used in many industrial foods such as nut nougat creams? What is so special about an Italian chocolate cream without palm oil? In this article, you’ll find out why palm oil is causing controversy around the world and what makes a premium nut cream without palm oil so special.

What is palm oil? A brief explanation of terms at the beginning

Have you always wondered what palm oil actually is and why it is found in so many foods? And what is actually the difference between palm oil and palm kernel oil?

Palm oil is the oil obtained by mashing the fruit of the oil palm. Mashing is a process used in the production of alcohol as well as various oils. It means producing a pulpy, fermentation-friendly mass. In the case of palm oil, this mass is the pulp of the palm fruit; in the case of wine, for example, it is the pulp (fruit mash) of the grapes. The oil or wine is then produced by separating and squeezing the liquid from the more solid components of the mash.

Palm oil contains vitamin E, saturated and unsaturated fats and is used in many everyday products and, above all, in many foods. The main difference between palm oil and palm kernel oil lies in their origin. Although both oils come from the oil palm, fruit mash is the source of palm oil, whereas palm kernel oil is obtained from the seeds.

At room temperature, the oil is semi-solid. The term ‘palm fat’ is merely a synonym for palm oil. In other words, they are the same product.

Palm oil has become a popular product because it can be produced inexpensively compared to other vegetable oils. The orange-red fruit is sterilised with steam and then pressed. Colours, flavours and odours are then removed. Palm oil is the only vegetable fat that has a firm consistency at room temperature. It is also available as a refined oil that requires hardly any processing before use. Palm oil-based foods also have a longer shelf life. With these properties, this oil is versatile.

The cultivation of palm oil plantations is also particularly lucrative because the oil palm is a high-yielding perennial that can be harvested all year round. The yield per hectare is higher than for all other vegetable oils. The oil palm’s high productivity makes it particularly attractive for companies to use.

Italienische Bio Pistazien von Di Bennardo

The use of palm oil in nut nougat creams

Why is palm oil often used in nut nougat creams? And what are the reasons against using palm oil?

Compared to other fats, palm oil can bind large amounts of liquid oils with its fatty acids. This is particularly advantageous for spreads such as nut nougat cream with hazelnut content. In this spread, palm oil prevents the nut oil from settling on the surface and maintains the spreadable consistency without the addition of further additives. Palm oil is relatively neutral in terms of taste. Grassy, slightly earthy and nutty nuances may be minimal. In other words, it primarily supports the flavours already present in the nut nougat cream and thus only contributes to the desired consistency.

Palm oil is rich in saturated fats. After other trans fats were banned in many snacks, companies started using palm oil as a ‘healthy’ alternative. However, it has been shown that palm oil can be bad for your health because it significantly increases cholesterol levels. Just like eating other trans fats. Foods made with palm oil contain more saturated fatty acids than foods made with sunflower or rapeseed oil. A diet high in saturated fatty acids has been associated with chronic diseases, particularly coronary heart disease.

There are also major concerns from an environmental and ethical point of view. The production of palm oil is a major contributor to the deforestation of rainforests and the extinction of endangered species, such as orangutans. The expansion of the palm oil industry has led to the destruction of previously untouched rainforests by humans.

The palm oil industry therefore plays a major role in man-made climate change. In 2009, almost 30% of Indonesia’s reported carbon emissions were due to deforestation. In Malaysia, an area the size of 300 football pitches is cleared every hour to make room for palm oil plantations. An ecological catastrophe.

In addition, the palm oil industry is rife with human rights violations such as child labour and human trafficking.

Here, consumers are ultimately responsible for contributing to these grievances with their purchase decision or consciously refraining from palm oil. Buy an Italian chocolate cream without palm oil here. 

Italienischer Bio Bauer von Di Bennardo

What makes a good nut cream?

A good nut cream should first and foremost have a very high nut content and the focus must be on the main flavour carrier, the nuts. The origin of the nuts plays an important role here. Additional ingredients should be kept to a minimum and the gentle production process ensures that the majority of the nutrients are retained.

Italienische sizilianische Haselnusspflanze Nebrodi von Di Bennardo

A low sugar content gives a good nut cream its unadulterated natural character and makes it easier to digest. Other ingredients should only be there to complement and support the nut flavours. Organic nut creams are sustainably cultivated and produced in an organic company.

Italienische Haselnusscreme Produktion Bio Vegan von Di Bennardo

The production of Di Bennardo’s nut creams in Italy

Only the best organic ingredients from Sicily and Piedmont are used for Di Bennardo’s nut creams. We do not use palm oil in our production of Piedmont and Sicilian hazelnut creams and as well as in our Pistachio cream, Coconut Almond Cream and chickpea and cocoa cream.

Italienische Haselnüsse Nebrodi Bio vegan von Di Bennardo

This environmentally friendly, sustainable production method avoids deforestation of the rainforest. Instead of palm oil, only cold-pressed sunflower oil or rapeseed oil is used for a creamy and spreadable consistency. Di Bennardo’s vegan organic Nebrodi hazelnut cream doesn’t even contain any extra oil.

Without the use of palm oil, the consistency of the nut cream is firmer and the naturally occurring oil of the nuts can stand out from the nut mixture. But stirring before use creates a velvety, creamy consistency.

Italienische Produktionsmaschine Haselnusscreme Bio vegan Nebrodi von Di Bennardo

Di Bennardo’s nut nougat creams are carefully roasted and then ground. In addition to the high nut content of 55% and 60%, the nut creams are rounded off with sunflower oil and rapeseed oil, cocoa or cocoa butter, a little cane sugar and, depending on the cream, Bourbon vanilla and sea salt.

All the ingredients are blended and processed into a cream at a low temperature of 45°C in a refining process of 1.5 hours. The finished product is filled into glasses with a capacity of 200 grams, sealed and labelled with the original DI BENNARDO label.

The most important facts about Italian nut cream without palm oil at a glance

  • All nut creams and chickpea and cocoa cream are produced sustainably without palm oil.
  • Each nut cream is produced with a very high nut content and low in sugar.
  • Extremely short list of ingredients: nuts, cocoa, cane sugar, a little sunflower oil or rapeseed oil where necessary
  • The creams are certified organic and vegan.
  • The flavour of the cream focuses on the regional, autochthonous nuts.
  • Only the best raw materials are used and then carefully processed to preserve the natural flavour and nutrients in the best possible way.

Frequently asked questions about nut nougat cream without palm oil

What is palm oil?

Palm oil is a vegetable edible oil obtained from the pulp of the oil palm and used in food production, cosmetics and as biofuel. Palm oil now accounts for more than a third of the oils extracted from oil plants worldwide.

What are the arguments against palm oil?

For the production of palm oil, the deforestation of the rainforest is being driven forward and the ecological balance of the planet is being damaged. Some species, such as orangutans, are threatened with extinction. The industry is also permeated by illegal child labour.

What does palm oil do in the body?

Consuming palm oil can lead to a rise in cholesterol levels in the body. This causes the blood vessels to calcify and disrupts the flow of blood in the body. This in turn can lead to heart disease and strokes.

Italienische Haselnussplantage Bio von Di Bennardo

What types of palm oil-free nut creams are available in Di Bennardo’s online shop?

Di Bennardo’s online shop offers two nut nougat creams without palm oil. On the one hand, the hazelnut cream with Tonda Gentile hazelnuts from Piedmont and the hazelnut cream with Nebrodi hazelnuts from Sicily. Other nut creams without palm oil include pistachio cream, coconut almond cream and chickpea and cocoa cream from Sicily.

Buy our Italian nut creams without palm oil online now!

Italienische Nusscremen Bio vegan von Di Bennardo