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honey – millefiori organic

Art. Nr. DO113

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Enna, the central region in Sicily with a wonderful panoramic view over orange trees and small villages. The hills and forests are adorned with a multitude of wildflowers, whose unmistakably aromatic nectar blends into this organic summer blossom honey or ‘Miele millefiori’ – honey made from a thousand blossoms.

The bees feed on the nectar of the flowers that are in season, producing organic honey that expresses the flora of this fertile region.

Nutritional values per 100 g
Energy 1270 kJ (304 kcal), fat 0 g, carbohydrates 80 g, protein 0.5 g, salt 0 g

    • Organic honey (Italy)
    • The delicate but refined aroma of this exquisite honey is nothing more than the expression of the unique flora in the heart of Sicily. Time and again it takes you on a walk through familiar and unfamiliar tastes and scents.

    • The Miele Millefiori is always at your fingertips: Served for breakfast, it is usually the first choice as a spread on bread. For afternoon tea, it gives the perfect natural sweetness. And after dinner, it tastes like an ode to the perfect piece of cheese. Keep this honey out of reach only for notorious sweet tooths.