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Focaccia – with rosemary

Art. Nr. GB018

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Created patiently by master baker Marco from Piedmont. Mixed from the renowned ‘00 flour,’ yeast and fresh spring water. The focaccia al rosmarino is baked for exactly 21 minutes until golden brown, after being coated with longing sea salt, rosemary and fine olive oil and shaped. 

Nutritional values per 100 g
Energy 1819 kJ (433 kcal), fat 15 g, of which saturates 2.9 g, carbohydrates 64 g, of which sugar 1.3 g, protein 9.9 g, salt 1 g

    • Wheat flour, extra virgin olive oil, lard, yeast, malt, salt, rosemary (2%).

      May contain traces of Nuts and Sesame.

      Allergens: contains gluten.
    • This rosemary focaccia is crispy, airy and absolutely delicious, and has been rounded off by the addition of fresh rosemary and flaky sea salt. This combination is the absolute classic amongst focaccia.
    • It goes perfectly with any dinner evening as an appetite boost with olives and a high-quality Parmigiano Reggiano. Coated with garlic butter, this focaccia is an Italian dream. Buon appetito!