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Sun-ripened cherry tomatoes

July 03, 2020

Italienische frische Kirschtomaten Bio Fabrik von Di Bennardo

Italienisches halbgetrocknete Kirschtomaten Produktion von Di Bennardo AG

For our pomodorini ciliegino semi secchi, we use red, sun-ripened cherry tomatoes from Pachino, Sicily. These are harvested by hand in the province of Ragusa in the summer months of June and July.

Italienisches frische Kirschtomaten Bio von Di Bennardo

After harvesting, the tomatoes are carefully cleaned in an ice bath and then cut into halves piece by piece. Generously sprinkled with coarse sea salt from Trapani, they are placed under the hot sun of Sicily for just under 36 hours.

Then the cherry tomatoes are semi-dried. They have just lost enough fluid to release the fruit’s natural sweetness while still remaining nice and juicy.

Italienische Handarbeit Produktion halbgetrocknete Kirschtomaten Bio von Di Bennardo

At the factory, they are then blended with fresh basil, oregano, extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of wine vinegar. This delicious tomato delicacy is then carefully poured into the glass. Gentle pasteurisation ensures shelf life.

Italienisches halbgetrocknete Kirschtomaten Bio von Di Bennardo

We recommend these delicious semi-dry cherry tomatoes with Mediterranean dishes, on any antipasti plate, with salads, pasta or just with freshly baked white bread. Bon appetito!

halbgetrocknete Kirschtomaten von Di Bennardo

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